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The Three Kinds of Dazey 1 Quart Churns

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Butter Churns have played a big part in the early rural family homes. From the turn of the century and until after WW II. By 1950, the making of butter was taken over by the large Creameries Company . The advent of electricity in rural America (REA) soon was instrumental in the demise of home made butter. The Butter Churn has now became a highly collectible. We have been putting together for years all the documentation we can find on Butter Churns. Our material and our Collection of Butter Churns in no way represents even a small part of what was available after the turn of the century. Please be patient for we are learning how to create a home page and trying to make it a place where one can learn. If you have any documentation on any company that made Butter Churns and you would like to have it included please send this to our address below or contact us at our email addresses. All serious contacts about Churn names, types, sizes, printed material, will be answered.

Best Place in all the USA to find a Butter Churn is at, or contact us, Wendell & Donna Stream, at our mailing address at 809 Maple Ave. Woodward Iowa 50276

Phone 515 438 4142

Also the Granary Mall at Box 313, Walnut IA 51577. Phone 712 784 3331 is a excellent place to shope for churns and quality antiques. The owners are Troy & Tim Suhr.



On the following lines I will list some extra special BUTTER CHURN professionals. All have been into collecting churns for many years, and have accumulated profound knowledge and talents worthy of being called a Churn Expert.

1. Deceased

2. Earl Babbitt, 1042 Clayborne, Louisville, KY 40214 Phone # 502 361 4005, Email At: ( Earl has been very active in churn collecting and churn information, Has a great talent for Butter Churns

3. Steve Kehrer, 139 Fox Ridge Drive, New Memphis, IL 62266 Phone# 618 588 4180, Email at: Steve is a tireless collector and has contributed much information by his genuine deep interest in Butter Churns

4. Harry Chiapelli, 2409 Marquette Road C3 Peru, IL 61354 (815) 224-8143 Email at: ( ) Harry has a wealth of information on old Wooden Churns, he would be happy to answer your wooden churn questions.



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Reproduced Dazey churn jars now are showing up in about all sizes so beware of what you are buying.

Thes overseas copies are not too well make and often fail to mate with a original top.







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And interesting letter that was sent to me!!


Last fall I gave a talk on Churns to a Ohio County Historical Society. After the conclusion of this talk, a very frail older man started showing some old papers of The Standard Churn Co of Wapakoneta, Ohio, and told us of the fact that he was production manager, while they produced some 30,000 Dazey Churns a month for the Dazey Churn Co of St. Louis MO. He said that Dazey had bought out the Standard Churn Company of Wapakoneta, Ohio. This really came as a shock to me and the others in attendance. He was so frail appearing and his speech was so low as to be barely heard. Today, I had a phone conversation/interview with this man, who presently lives in Wapakoneta Ohio. He was very difficult to understand, due to his frail health, but I was able to glean from him the following information. He worked for the Standard Churn Company from 1941 till 1949 in the capacity of Production Manager, and while he was there, Dazey bought the company, very quietly, with only a few people in the management even aware of it. They produced 30,000 Dazey glass jar churns a month for them, generally in the sizes of 4, 6, and 8 Quart sizes, plus only a few 1 Quart sizes, which are very valuable today. I believe that part of them were the RED BALL type that he showed advertizing of at the meeting, but I can't confirm that. His memory and failing health made it very difficult to understand him. He did mention the fact that he had met Jack Dazey when he came to visit the local plant. I can't confirm the fact that there even was someone by that name, but that is what I understood him to say. He can't remember the year that they were bought out, but it would be during his nine year tenure at the Churn Company. He did remember that the 1 Qt Dazey Churn was made in 1949, but they did not make many. I then told him of my recent purchase of an ice cream freezer by Standard Churn Company that was called the Little Smoothie, and that it was in near mint condition, being painted bright yellow and trimmed in red. I have only ever seen a few of these, and all of the others were painted white and trimmed in red. They were also not in very good condition, with lots of rust. He told me that I had one of the first ones in a pilot production of only 500 made. They were shipped to St. Louis where they sold out immediately, for under $5.00 each. He told me that before the paint was applied, they were hand cleaned of oils to ensure that the paint would stick. Dazey soon ordered 5000 more made, but insisted that they not be cleaning them anymore to remove the oils and etc from the galvanizing, in order to save the cost. He said that , despite his protests, he was overruled by Dazey, so they were made without cleaning. Not too long after that, they received all of them back, with the paint peeling off of them! They then ceased further production of the Little Smoothie Ice Cream Freezers. This was in 1949, and due to this and other problems of a similar nature, he resigned from the company. This is what I have learned from him so far. Sincerely Your Churn Friend.

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