Prices of all kinds of Butter Churns keep creeping up, we try and keep our finger on the markets but it is difficult to know all prices that reflect all kinds of Dazey churn on the US Antique market. Listed below is and update from the Fall of 1996 when we at theCHURN CASTLE ANTIQUES placed our BUTTER CHURN HOME PAGE on the world wide web. We will upgrade our listing now in 2001 to refect a more accurate picture of what we believe would be more accurate range of Churn prices around the Midwest part of the US.

Dazey 1 Qt Churns, and there are 3 ( kinds of these Jar types)

1. Bevel Edged jar type with the Horse Shoe labeling on the glass jar as well as a horse shoe mounting on the metal top. These would range from $2000 to $3000.00 each depending on condition.

2. Bulleye (circle on side of jar with Dazey info) these would ranging from $1200.00 to $2400.00 each, the low figure is where some are being bought but some sales have auction have sold them for the much higher figure.

3. The slopped shoulder one Qt Jar like the pat dated info of large SS Churns, From well over $10000.00, we believe there are only about 20 some of these in collectors hands and based on similar rare items a price could be well several times this stated figure.

4. 2 Qt Dazey churns are of four types. The Bullseye and the SS types. The Bullseye 2 Qts. Dazey Churns sell from $200.00 to about $375.00 each, again depending on condition. The SS Dazey 2 Qt Churns sell for $200.00/$425.00 each and there are also Horse Shoe beveled edged 2 Qt Dazey Horseshoe that would sell for upwards to $2500.00/$3500.00 each, condition being a big price factor, and the Red Ball types we have only documentation on and we have never had this churn in our possession. If it does in fact exist it would be rather expensive, ranging well over $400.00.

5. 3 Qt Dazey also comes in three types. 1. BE (Bullseye), 2. HS or (Horse shoe) styles. 3. SS (Slope Shoulder). BE (bullseye) sell from around $125.00 to $325.00 depending on condition and the SS are very rare and sell upwards to several time that figure, we have sold several around $750.00 each (probably only made for about one year) and the Horse Shoe would be at least somewhere upwards to $3500 each or more. (all prices at high end would we reflective of top condition clean churns, Dazey markings top and bottom)

6. 4 Qt Dazeys comes in 4 sizes, the HS (horse shoe) , BE (Bullseye) , SS (Slope Shoulder) and the RB, (Red Ball ) types, A four Qt Dazey HS would be up to $3000.00+ range in top shape, 4 Qt BE ranges around $125.00/$165.00 depending on shape. 4 Qt Dazey of the SS variety generally sell around $125.00 to nearly $200.00 each. The Red Ball 4 Qt Dazey churns are around $125.00 each.

7. 6 Qt Dazey Churns are of one type, the SS and, The SS are selling around $225.00 upward. There are rumor of a 6 Qt RB Dazey but this author has never found any documentation, or never seen one. 6 Quart Flower Bottom churns are scarce and could easily fetch a price of $250 - $500.00 condition being a big factor

8. 8 Qt Dazey Churns are of two types and the SS are selling upwards to $375.00 each and the RB types are generally a little less expensive. We have never seen a 8 Qt SS Flower Bottom churn. I would like to know if anyone else has.

The Dazey line of SS Churns had replacement jars that had a Flower Bottom (a Pattern of a Dazey peddle raised on the bottom of the jars). Some jars had a very light strike print of this flower pattern that one almost has to hold to the light just right to see. These jars enhance the price of any churn it is on by something like $50.00 and upward depending on Quart size. On flower bottom (FB) jars and the bottom curved edge on one side generally have a digit number for 1 to 10, you have to look closely to see this, not really sure what this means, but know collectors that really pay attention to these numbers.

Prices on other churns types vary on condition and if the tops and bottoms match, and what condition the churn itself is in.. There are so many kinds of churns it would be difficult to really touch on every churn that was made for we are note that knowledgeable but are learning all the time. It would be my opinion that some 2500 churns were patended from the Civil War times up till the 1940's in the USA alone, on can find in most State Library's a Patent section that gives much information on churns for any given year. Any information from you in your area about churn prices would be appreciated by email.

All prices listed above that give a high end figure would be free of any hair line cracks, chips, rust spots on the metal parts and if a Whey Strainer was once there it better be there again when you sell it. Paddles are of the 4 and 2 paddle types, some documentation give us that in 1936 Dazey Churn Co. found thru research that 2 wooden paddles made butter just as fast as four wooden paddles so the four paddle design was at that time discontinued. Paddle blades that are missing distract from the overall price of the unit itself. Of course the wooden crank handle must be in normal condition and rust that has eaten away any of the metal structure has a deterring factor on prices. So when you see top end prices please take this into consideration and not just assume that the unit you have is worth that high end amount. This page was update in Early 2001 and prices will continue to change in the coming months.

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